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Photograph shows “Prince” Zeridecheno Mohammed Saide and his wife attend a reception at the White House, 1924. 


 Chicago Salesman Peddled
the Bunk and Got Away
With it for Two Years—
Married Kentucky Society
Girl and Hobnobbed With
Many Notable Public Men.

years the man in this story was crown
prince of Egypt, second cousin to the
king of Spain, and first cousin to
Mustapha Kemal. For the same
length of time; as a bon vivant and
a cavalier, he charmed New York
City’s elect with descriptions of his
father’s magnificent 1,000-room palace
in far off Kurdistan. 

He married a Kentucky girl—Miss
Catherine Spigli, of Lexington—and
then divorced her after what he said
was the manner of the Mohammedans,
that is, by looking her in the eye and
saying slowly and distinctly:
“I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce

For two years he rubbed elbows
with the notables. President Harding,
Secretary of State Hughes, the Vanderbilts, the Whitneys, the Rockefellers,
all were among those who received
the gallant potentate. For two
years he got away with all that and
a whole lot more, but a few days ago
Prince Zerdecheno Mohammed Saide

The king of Spain lost a second cousin, Mustapha Kemal lost a first
cousin, and the great mansion in far off
Kurdistan vanished: into thin air.
And, doubtless, President Harding, Secretary Hughes, the Vanderbilts, the
Whitneys; and the Rockefellers were
stunned to hear that the delightful
Zerdocheno Mohammed Saide was until
two years ago, an automobile salesman
in Chicago. 

 Investigators discovered that much
only a few days, ago, but, as the picturesque Zerdecheno Mohammed Saide
is probably observing it; it took them
two years. He has vanished, leaving
behind him a trail of misplaced confidence.

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