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Hi and thank you! Here are a few dachshunds:

Illustrated London News, England, March 30, 1901:

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, England, December 31, 1927:

Wire haired dachshunds, The Graphic, England, March 19, 1932:

Fritzi (and the Hon. Elizabeth Ann Harcourt), The Sketch, England, April 27, 1932:

The Sketch, England, November 1, 1933:

The Sphere, England, November 22, 1933:

The Sketch, England, October 3, 1934:

The Bystander, England, July 6, 1938:

Rosalyn Boulter and her

Pekingese/Dachshund cross, The Sketch, England, March 1, 1939:

Joan Crawford and Stinkie (I posted this before but everyone should see Stinkie),

The Sketch, England, August 9, 1939:

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, England, October 6, 1939:

A wartime precaution: gas masks for pets, The Sketch, England, June 4, 1941:

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