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I thought about this too! 

For example, I posted an illustration of a dog and a chicken who were friends and it got marked as “sensitive”.. but they’ve usually been pretty quick about removing the flags when I notice them. It’s also slowed down a lot, for a while it felt like it was like 1/5 posts and now it’s maybe 1/200 that get flagged.


The FAQ says:

What will happen to my adult content already on Tumblr?

Starting today, we will begin sending out email notices to members of the Tumblr community whose content has been flagged as adult. This email will provide a link to the post(s) in question and a form to appeal our decision if you think we have made a mistake. Starting on December 17, 2018, any post(s) that have been flagged will be reverted to a private setting viewable only by you.

Will I get kicked off of Tumblr if I’ve uploaded adult content in the past?

We’re removing content, not people. However, those who repeatedly and deliberately post new content that violates our updated guidelines may have their account deactivated per our Terms of Service. If you feel you’ve been incorrectly suspended, you can appeal here.

So it seems like you’d have to violate their new rule quite a few times before they’d suspend your account. But they do seem to like flagging my posts, which makes me worry that if they keep thinking my chickens-and-dogs are porn they’ll deactivate me!

If that does happen, I’m on Twitter here, Facebook here, Instagram here, and Yesterday’s Print has it’s own website here.

The policy change sucks though, because there are quite a few blogs I follow who post/reblog historical stuff that I find super interesting, and also post happen to sometimes post vintage nudity (like @zeehasablog, @mudwerks, @vintagemen1800s1900s, @ten-hills, @whataboutbobbed@jeanfivintage etc). For myself, I don’t really care if there’s nudity or not here. I am worried that they’ll be leaving.

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