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#134 Aldersgate St. ca. 1875

(Note the “Shakespeare house” signage. For many years, before it was demolished in 1879, it was claimed that Shakespeare had lived here. Despite standing near the Fortune Playhouse and the fact it was once owned by a William Shakespeare there’s no proof that the Shakespeare lived at this address.)

The sand-filled solarium of the Tolland Hotel, Bournemouth, March 1, 1930

Flooded with artificial light, the solarium was meant to keep guests happy during evenings and on rainy or overcast days. Why go outside when it’s warm, bright and sandy in here?

A Greengrocer enjoys a cigarette as he drives down the street with his London ‘shop’. February 2, 1929

Shaftesbury House (built in the mid 17th century by architect Inigo Jones), 1882


Paul Pindar’s Head tavern, Bishopsgate, 1883 (note: this buildings façade was preserved when the building was demolished in 1890 and can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum)

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