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Girls’ restaurant, National Cash Register Company, Ohio, 1902

note: founded in 1884, the National Cash Register Company (or, NCR) is still going strong – although they focus on point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners and ATM’s today. 

I also doubt they have separate eating facilities for ladies and gents today.

We can live without uncles, 

And cousins and aunts,

But civilized men cannot live without pants.

Lady – Here my poor fellow, this will warm you.”
Tramp – “T’anks, lady. May I ask you whose brand this is?”
Lady – “Why, it’s the “BELL” coffee. We never use any other.”
Tramp – “right you is, lady. ‘De club I belonged to onst used that and no other, and we were ‘high feeders,’ you bet!”
Note: he had seen better days

Unemployed receiving rations, New York, May 31, 1909

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