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Hey, if you’re feeling up to a challenge for finding a cetain nespaper clipping, there was an anti drug campaign in the Cincinnati Enquirer around 1987-88 that had a teenage boy with white blonde hair and sunglasses that had a captor something like “Is your kid doing drugs?” I’ve been looking for it for awhile. If you don’t feel like it you totally don’t have to.

Is this the fellow you’re looking for?

The Cincinnati Enquirer, August 14, 1988:


Some other good ones…

The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 11, 1984:


The Cincinnati Enquirer, October 25, 1989:


and of course..

The Cincinnati Enquirer, October 25, 1989:


Dickins & Jones advertisement, The Tatler, England, January 15, 1913

Advertisement for OXO seasonings, The Tatler, England, March 27, 1912

The Scott mentioned in the ad is Captain

Robert Scott, who is presumed to have perished in the Antarctic two days after this issue was published, due to blizzard conditions, fuel shortage, and lack of rations.

The Sentinel, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, January 9, 1961

Daily Independent Journal, San Rafael, California, June 5, 1952

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