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The Man Who Advertises

The Humboldt Union, Kansas, May 14, 1881

Humboldt was late to the game:

The Cambria Freeman, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1881:


The Buffalo Commercial, New York, April 15, 1881:


Memphis Daily Appeal, Tennessee, April 22, 1881:


The North Alabamian, Tuscumbia, Alabama, April 22, 1881:


The Topeka Weekly Times, Kansas, April 29, 1881:

The North-Eastern Daily Gazette, Middlesbrough, New Hampshire, May 12, 1881:


Bubble Party

Shelbina Democrat, Missouri, December 19, 1888


One of the most amusing, as well as easily arranged entertainments for the Holidays, is a “Bubble Party.” Twenty or more ladies and gentlemen, enough clay pipes so each will have one, three or four bowls of soap-suds, and, say, half a dozen trifles, for prizes, are all that is required, the prized to be awarded to those who blow the largest bubbles, one of the party to act as referee.

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