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St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri, November 24, 1895

We are a pair of you know what
And let us state right on this spot,
Though some think baggy things like us
Unworthy of much talk and fuss
We have a right to speak we guess, we’re shapely too
As most confess and swelled with pride we’re glad to vex
The prudes and cranks, of either sex, who have no shapes
To nether limbs, whose chests are flat as tire rims The
Fairy curves that we encase next Venus Milo give a place
And over road and hill and dale through city
Country, turf or trail we speed while wholesome
health we bring, and hear the whizzing
spokes that sing of ills now gone, and
clearer brains the absence of all aches
and pains, now those who laugh are
fools at best we bring the nerveless
gentle rest Away with skirts
hurrah for us Down with this
Silly wicked fuss We’ve come
to stay and on the bike
will cling as long as
ee’r we like

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