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William and Amalia Rhodes-Moorhouse

Flight Lieutenant William Henry Rhodes-Moorhouse and wife Amalia (née Demetriadi) at his investiture, where he received his DFC, which took place at Buckingham Palace during an air raid warning, September 3, 1940

Sadly, William was killed in action three days later in the Battle of Britain. Amalia’s brother Dick, William’s squadronmate, had died in action on August 11th.

(On a lighter note, Amalia had been approached to screen test for the role of Scarlet O’Hara in Gone With the Wind, but declined.)

More photos of the couple:

On their wedding day, 1936:

The couple in 1936:

With a friend in St Moritz, 1927:

Amalia in 1938:

Another 1938 photo:

Squadron Leader Brian Thynne,

Flight Lieutenant

William Rhodes-Moorhouse, Flight Lieutenant Henry Cavendish and the Hon. Max Aitken, 1939:


Makin’ Faces

Camilla Georgiana Russell (later Sykes), seated between Baron Horsbrugh-Porter and Baron E. Von Stohrer (German ambassador), and near the Earl of Warwick; Sir Cholmeley and Lady Cholmeley; millionaire George Hay Whigham; archaeologist David George Hogarth; Bright Young Thing and war hero Mark Ogilvie-Grant (honorary attaché), makes faces for the camera at an Egyptian Embassy dinner, Cairo, 1932

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