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A dog that wandered through the open door of a Greyhound bus at a rest stop between Cincinnati, Ohio and Chicago, Illinois. A passenger declined to share his seat with the dog and ejected him. September, 1943.


Portrait of soldiers, Manning and Shreppel, 7th Battery with two dogs and display of artillery shells, Fort Riley, 1905

Tennessee, December 25, 1879

Hawesville, Ky., brags of a man who doesn’t care for dogs at all when he is sober, but, when he’s drunk, has a mania to own all the dogs in the country. He will ask a neighbor to give him his dog. If he won’t give it, the man tries to buy it; if the other won’t sell it the first steals it. He had thus been known to collect 150 dogs in a week’s spree, and feeds them liberally till he gets sober.

Group on the grass; the man is photographer Johan Hagemeyer, Berkeley, California, 1910

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