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These kittens were born in the net of a hook and ladder company at 47th and Halsted streets and make the run with the firemen every time there is a fire. As soon as the alarm comes in the mother cat  springs in with them.

Something new in furs is this live red fox worn by Mrs’ Alden Ziegenfus of Chicage. The fur, whose name is “Goldie” has been trained to snuggle close to her mistress’ neck in cold weather.

Because felines carry infant paralysis germs, New York health authorities have ordered all felines collard and killed. This photo shows an East Side “kiddie” clinging to her two tabbies.

On Saturday, June 17, 1916 an official announcement of the existence of an epidemic polio infection was made in Brooklyn, New York. That year, there were over 27,000 cases and more than 6,000 deaths due to polio in the United States, with over 2,000 deaths in New York City alone. The names and addresses of individuals with confirmed polio cases were published daily in the press, their houses were identified with placards, and their families were quarantined. Dr. Hiram M. Hiller, Jr. was one of the physicians in several cities who realized what they were dealing with, but the nature of the disease remained largely a mystery. The 1916 epidemic caused widespread panic and thousands fled the city to nearby mountain resorts; movie theaters were closed, meetings were canceled, public gatherings were almost nonexistent, and children were warned not to drink from water fountains, and told to avoid amusement parks, swimming pools, and beaches. From 1916 onward, a polio epidemic appeared each summer in at least one part of the country, with the most serious occurring in the 1940s and 1950s. In the epidemic of 1949, 2,720 deaths from the disease occurred in the United States and 42,173 cases were reported and Canada and the United Kingdom were also affected.

                                                                         – Wikipedia

It shows its disapproval in a very spirited manner if anyone disturbs the baby’s slumber.

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