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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania, January 4, 1920

Thomas Guilfoyle, the purser, finding that beer was too scarce, cut off Zulia’s daily supply, but Zulia insisted on her brew. When she found it was not forthcoming she picked up her kittens and marched off the ship. 

Sailors know it is a bad sign when a cat walks off a ship. They hunted up Zulia and her tribe on the pier. They tempted them with milk, but Zulia held out for the “stuff with a kick,” Simspson declared. Finally a bottle of 2.75 was produced and poured into a bowl.

American Girl’s Book: or, Occupation for Play Hours, 1831

…the delinquent is to have a long piece of paper twisted into her front hair in such a manner as to stand out and resemble a horn.

Steadman Family with a kitten and a dog, Junction City, Kansas, 1909

The San Bernardino County Sun, California, December 5, 1943

And then sometimes
I will see them both
sitting on the steps
in the warmth of the sun
and the cats all about them
as they talk to them
while wondering
what they’re going to do
when they get too many
but they never do say
how many too many
is going to be

The San Bernardino County Sun, California, December 26, 1943

Dammit, the marine cat.

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