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“Dolly, I’m glad you got Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and fruit for supper. I’m so fagged out with the heat that Kellogg’s is the only food that would appeal to my appetite. It digests so easily and yet I know it is nourishing! Guess I’ll have another helping. Kellogg’s certainly are delicious.”

August 25, 1922

House of Representatives, including
Edith Nourse Rogers (first woman to serve in congress), do a pie tasting,  July 1, 1926

Taylor, Texas, 1939

(note: 10¢ in 1939 was the equivalent of $1.70 in 2015)

It is said he wants to raise a plentiful supply of onions. From the smell in the neighborhood, we should judge that he will raise a heavier crop of small-pox or cholera than of esculents. 

At the door, the grocer leaves his basket of fresh vegetables and fruits; the milkman leaves sweet, fresh milk and butter, ice cold – and into the ice box they go – immediately.

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