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I just got my shirt and I am IN LOVE!! Thank you so much Kalie!! My dad said he loved the picture of Le Chat so much he might even get it tattooed😍

The Baltimore Sun, Maryland, May 12, 1914:


Seriously, I’m super happy you like it. And I have a tattoo that I think is a little Le Chat inspired myself!

Criminal Skills

That’s some interesting categorization!

On a side note, I’m working on setting up a proper website for Yesterday’s Print. I thought I’d set a nice low bar, telling myself I’d edit titles etc into 10 posts a day… until I realized at that rate I’d still be titling old posts 6 years from now!


I’m working on a new website and I’m hoping for some feedback. If you like any of these fonts, please comment with the number! Thanks!


Yay, shirts are starting to take shape! The blank t-shirts arrived yesterday, today the templates are being set up. Here’s one of the transparencies being lined up. I’ll share more pictures as the process develops!

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