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This morning he was again arrested for being insane.

The learned counselor thinks the city is not liable if this decoration frightens horses, resulting in damage to owners.

Coulthard filed a claim against the city in November alleging negligence of the city of Spokane in having an artificial sea serpent in Manito park. He states he was on his way home and passing the park, the giant sea serpent made out of flowers scared his horse.

William Grace, 72, wouldn’t stop dancing at his son’s Christmas party, so the youngster of 50 threatened to have him evicted.

When Frank John, of 45 Riverdale av., Yonkers, refused to kiss President Wilson’s picture when commanded to by George Ward, the two engaged in a lively mill that landed them in the police court yesterday.

A companion grasped Arthur Philpott by the hair to rescue him from drowning. The hair was a wig and Philpott sank.

The house wired for Electricity has many advantages over the unwired house. For instance there is the Electric Fan, it can be be quickly and easily attached anywhere about the house, and the simple turn of the switch insures a cool and refreshing breeze, most enjoyable during the hot days and nights of summer.

Every afternoon, at about 2 o’clock, when Gay dismounts at Fifth and Union to inspect the automobiles parked along Union st., “Bum” crosses the street and ambles down Fifth ave. to pay a visit to Groppenbacher.

…a gladsome procession of high balls and beers inside him, tried to steal Charley, the ostrich, to provide a “big turkey” for a Thanksgiving feast at his home.

One of the women leaned over a counter, picked up a silver comb and shoved it through the trap door in her hat fitted with springs so that it could close securely.

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