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Mary Pickford buying the first sheet of equal rights seals, 1938

On Wednesday, February 15th, the 119th anniversary of the birth of Susan
B. Anthony will be celebrated by the National Woman’s Party and other
organizations which favor the passage of the Equal Rights bill now
pending before Congress. Among the militant women of America who believe
that measure should pass, for the weal of the Commonwealth, is Mary
Pickford who, after achieving fame and fortune as a popular idol on the
screen, is devoting her time now to constructive work that has to do
with human progress and betterment. “America’s sweetheart” is shown here
with a sheet of Equal Rights seals which, as a member of the National
Woman’s Party, she has just purchased so that the crusade to “balance
the Constitution” may be carried on with vigor and effectiveness.

The seals showed Liberty holding a scale with a man and woman equally balanced and the caption "Equal status for men and women will balance our Constitution". The seals were meant to raise money for the National Woman’s Party, but the seal campaign was abandoned less than a year later after dismal sales made it nonviable.

Lewis Powell (alias Payne), aged 21, manacled in

lily irons

aboard the USS Saugus following his attempt to assassinate William H. Seward, Secretary of State. Powell was in league with John Wilkes Booth, whose attempt to assassinate President Lincoln the same night was more successful. This shot of Powell is one of a series taken by civil war photographer

Alexander Gardner in 1865.

Don’t be deceived by the envious, who merely wish they had them.

Margaret Gorman with her greyhound, Long Goodie. April 14, 1925

Aviator John Moisant with his cat, Paree, perched on his shoulder in 1910. Moisant would die later this year in Louisiana while preparing for the Michelin Cup competition, when a gust of wind thrust him out of his monoplane.

W.F. Cassidy, from Forth Worth, Texas, receives a congratulatory kiss from his sweetheart Helen Fisher for his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland, 1934.

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