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Henry Seward was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment for stealing two monkeys from a seaman.

“I believe another generation will not have passed before the age-long mystery of death will have been solved and the existence and communion of the spirit people universally acknowledged and approved”

Phosphoric acid is used in many bottled soft drinks, including Coca-Cola, but should not be added directly to drinks because it is too concentrated. The original acid phosphate, made by the Horsford Chemical Company, was a mixture of calcium, magnesium and potassium phosphate salts with a small amount of phosphoric acid producing a liquid mixture with a pH of around 2.0, the same as fresh squeezed lime juice.

                                                 – Wikipedia

Green apples work havoc on the young boy’s stomach

Nordean said that he frequently suffered from lapse of memory and that in all probability he was in one of his trances when he led his wide to the altar. He could not now recall ever having participated in such an auspicious even with the woman who was arrayed against him.

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