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The Polish women are intelligent and approachable

There is a special ladies’ room and a special ladies’ wicket at the Home Savings Bank

                                        A Guide to the Stranger


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                                                 The Fancy


                                       A List of the Gay Houses


                                        Ladies of Pleasure

                      In the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

Miss Sarah Turner

No. 2 Wood Street, Above Eleventh

This house is situated in one of the most respectable parts of the city; the landlady is a perfect Queen. At this house you will hear no disgusting language to annoy your ear; everything connected with this establishment is calculated to make a man happy. The young ladies are beautiful and accomplished; they will at any time amuse you with a fine tune on the piano or use their melodious voices to drive full care away. Stranger, do not neglect to pay a visit to this house before you leave our quiet city of sisterly affection. The ladies are Misses Josephine Philips, Isabella Stuart, Mary Jane Greer and Mary Stevens. These young, beautiful and enchanting creatures are all that man can desire. There is one thing certain – none but gentlemen visit this Paradise of Love.

Sal Boyer, alias Dutch Sal

This is the lowest house in the city – a perfect loafer hole – no gentleman ever visits this Sodom; it is worse than hell itself. Avoid this den, as it is a panel house of the worst description. This woman, it is said, has had connection with the lowest negro, for the small remuneration of potatoes and flour to support her boarders! Is that not enough to deter men from visiting this awful pest house? 


Did you lose a little girl in brown? Some little miss who will not tell her name to the police was brought to the police stations right after the parade this afternoon. She was found unattended about the corner of Riverside and Brown. She wears a plaid dress with brown plush coat and brown hood and is about four years old.


And Lying in the Street

Were Three Young Lads Not Yet In Their Teens.

static-electrical apparatus


Oh! What fun to glide along the sidewalk and beat ‘em all.

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