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Wooden bathing suits, made from spruce, designed to promote the lumber industry, Hoquiam, Washington, 1929

A baker delivers bread to young beach campers, Netherlands, 1923

American prisoners of war carrying their bread rations, 1918

Manchester Christmas Blitz rescue workers take a break at the canteen, 1940

King George V is accosted by a beggar, Epsom Downs, Derby Day, 1920

Waiters wearing masks during a Mardi Gras celebration at a restaurant in Bayern, Munich, Germany, 1933

“The use of intoxicating liquor, tobacco, profanity and vulgarity, absolutely forbidden in this city under penalty”, St. Louis, 1905

Crowd gathered to look at a wrecked wagon/truck of J. Arthur Anderson Laundry Company at Twelfth and Pine Streets, St. Louis, 1917

(note the sideboard on the left reads ‘Slow and Careful’)

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