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Miss Hera Roberts, painter, designer and socialite, on the deck of HNLMS Java during a Dutch Navy reception in Sydney, October 10, 1930

Kate Rickards, wife of Harry Rickards, costumed as Tootsie Sloper, the principal female character in The Land Lubber: a Nautical Nightmare, which she played opposite her husband, 1889.

Dena Evelyn Shapiro [Joseph] received a Master’s in sociology from the University of Chicago in 1929. This photo describes her as just having traveled “to Palestine, to see how the new cloth of Zionism is fitting into the old garment of the complex Moslem-Christian-Jewish life there.”

Their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of York enjoy a morning at Mt Cootha, Australia, April 1927

First basketball team Ipswich Girls Grammar School, Brisbane, 1918

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