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An American army truck turns turtle after colliding with a tram at Ascot, Queensland, ca. 1942

Hornibrook Highway Bridge

shortly after it opened

, Australia, 1935

Young woman photographed wearing an unusual, wide-brimmed, straw hat on top of her hair which is piled high on her head. Her outfit consists of a gingham jacket with slightly puffed sleeves, worn over a blouse with a jabot (frill of lace) pinned at the neck with a small brooch. Photograph taken at Rodway Studio, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 1912

Ladies & Gents Economic House, New South Wales, April 10, 1903

Julius Ansoul & Campbell’s Wine Shop, New South Wales, October 30, 1890 

This image shows the cover for the sheet music My Coca Cola Bride, which, along with other Coca Cola themed songs, would be mailed to you when you sent ten cents worth of return postage stamps to Coca Cola, 1907.

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