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Washington, D.C. – Girl sitting alone in the
Sea Grill, a bar and restaurant waiting for a pickup. “I come in here
pretty often, sometimes alone, mostly with another girl, we drink beer,
and talk, and of course we keep our eyes open–you’d be surprised at how
often nice, lonesome soldiers ask Sue, the waitress, to introduce them
to us”  

April 1943

Hymie Miller, 5-year-old newsie who lives at 922 W. California St.

Oklahoma, 1917

John Dowers, 7 years old, lives at 108 W. Frisco St. Starts out at 5 a.m. some days. Father is blind and sells newspapers.
John is a pretty good beggar. Was seen trying to borrow a dollar from the bank to “get father a watch” (father is blind).   

Oklahoma, March 4, 1917

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