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You’ve got his portrait in your pocket. Chief Two Guns White Calf, of the band of Blackfoot Indians from the Glacier National Park Reservation, Montana. He was the Indian who posed for the nickel. His band pitched their tepee on the roof of the Commodore while stopping in the “big city”.

Spokane has an energetic little Jap of the mentally unsound sort, it is feared, who showed up at the police station yesterday with a revolver and a desire to become a “copper.” He also had recommendations as to his honesty, etc., but the police put him down as “bugs” and let him go.

Mrs. Anna Myerson of Dorchester, Mass., has brought suit for trespass against the trustees of the Boston cemetery because a grave which she had reserved for her own personal use at some future date is occupied by the body of a man.

Three boys, Clarence Burton, Herbert Hannon and Leslie Spear, according to the story, were called to Penfield’s office to be whipped. According to the story the boys resisted and several blows were exchanged, in which, it is claimed, the principal got the worst of it.

George Herbert, animal trainer, in court on charge of keeping menagerie in barn next to home of Steven Burg, 4345 S. State st. Promised to move out. Discharged.

Geo. Policianes, Greek, fined $50 for keeping goat in room where he manufactured ice cream, 3456 S. State.

Through her artistic use of masks, Miss Margaret Severn has created a new note in pantomime and dancing.

The harbor is now considered one of the greatest strategic points in the world and is destined to become an important naval base.

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