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The Decatur Daily Review, Illinois, June 25, 1933

“’Listen’, he says, ‘I don’t care how much other women expose themselves, but I don’t want my wife to make a show of herself!’ … Isn’t that like a man!”

Princess Mathilde

The Saint Paul Globe, Missouri, January 10, 1904

One winter night, when Demidoff was certain that the princess would not follow, he went to a court ball in the czar’s winter palace.

The dancing was about to begin when the princess, unaccompanied and unattended, entered and walked up to the czar, at whose feet she knelt. Then, withdrawing the lace scarf that covered her bare shoulder, and bowing her head low, she displayed her white back, streaked all over with bloody marks left by her husband’s whip, and with uplifted hands begged the czar to rid her of the price.

The Allentown Leader, Pennsylvania, July 16, 1890

impossible to detect it’s use
mailed securely enclosed from observation 

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