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Alligator Pears

The Wichita Daily Eagle, Kansas, March 23, 1913

The avocado has long been afflicted with the name of “aligator pear.” Now many of the avocado types do not resemble a pear, and none of them grow on alligators.

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend by Silas,
El Paso Herald, Texas, April 24, 1909

Macon Chronicle-Herald, Missouri, June 20, 1929

The wedding of Pola Negri and

“Prince” Serge Mdivani, 1927

The Minneapolis Star, Minnesota, March 7, 1949

A Mark Hellinger comic in the Daily News, New York, New York, June 28, 1927

“Resting Well” After “Celebrating” Her Divorce

Chicago Tribune, Illinois, March 9, 1934

In The Tribune of Feb. 26 we read that Mrs. Massie is “resting well” after “celebrating” her divorce. On Feb. 27 we are informed that members of the family of Gerald Peck, who was murdered, were “crushed by the news.” In today’s Tribune we read of New Yorks “worst winter,” of Lady Sibell’s “sincere public apology,” and of Dr. Wynekoop’s “confession,” all appearing on the first page. On the back page a line under an illustration tells of the walls of ice that almost “hide” the tall buildings. If the use of quotation marks in certain instances is intended to convey a hidden meaning, kindly explain your system.

The Graphic, England, October 22, 1881

Evening Star, Washington DC, February 5, 1917

Rickshaw Taxi,

Avenue de l’Opéra, 2nd

arrondissement, photographed by Robert Doisneau, 1942  

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend by Silas,
El Paso Herald, Texas, June 25, 1909

The Bee, Danville, Virginia, November 14, 1922

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