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Curious Facts for Curious People

The Press Herald, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, March 27, 1936


  • It takes the average man eleven minutes to find what he wants in a medicine cabinet.
  • The male bee is quite irresponsible and cannot be trusted in matters of great importance.
  • There are 45,679,345 types of floor lamps east of the Mississippi alone.
  • Teething babies should never be fed hot chestnuts or corn on the cob.
  • The caloric content of toothpicks is very low.
  • Polar bears make poor house pets.

Pink Spinach

The Republic, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, February 6, 1936

A Holyoke (Mass.) chemist has found a way to change the color of spinach from green to pink, but doesn’t say why.

The Man Who Advertises

The Humboldt Union, Kansas, May 14, 1881

Humboldt was late to the game:

The Cambria Freeman, Pennsylvania, April 15, 1881:


The Buffalo Commercial, New York, April 15, 1881:


Memphis Daily Appeal, Tennessee, April 22, 1881:


The North Alabamian, Tuscumbia, Alabama, April 22, 1881:


The Topeka Weekly Times, Kansas, April 29, 1881:

The North-Eastern Daily Gazette, Middlesbrough, New Hampshire, May 12, 1881:


The Humboldt Union, Kansas, May 14, 1881

Mistaken for Squirrel

The Washington Times, Washington DC, September 16, 1922

Raymond Clapsaddle’s red hair caused him to be mistaken for a squirrel by Fred Painter while both were hunting near here.

Clapsaddle had lain down behind a log and only his head was visible to Painter. After extracting the shot from his face, neck and shoulders, surgeons at the hospital here said they believe he will recover.

Tobacco and Cat Kisses Too Much

Evansville Press, Indiana, January 4, 1909

Separation papers have been secured by a man and wife because the husband could not give up the tobacco chewing habit and because the wife insisted on kissing the cat every night before retiring.

Some Left A Nice Cane

The Bee, Danville, Virginia, December 8, 1941

on a bus about two weeks ago. As we are not yet old enough to need one, owner can identify same and have it back. It is marked with the initials “J.M.H.”

When we advertised some eyeglasses a little white back the owner called for and identified them next day, but at least two dozen people ‘phoned us they had lost their glasses.


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