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The Good Companions by

Henry Stevens, 1889

Girls on the Beach by William James Day, 1910

Author Agatha Christie at her home, Scotswood, 1924

Louis Agassiz Fuertes in National Geographic, March 1919

Illustrated Chips, England, August 03, 1895

Clarion-Ledger, Jackson, Mississippi, January 18, 1939

The Austin American, Texas, December 17, 1929

The Austin American, Texas, December 24, 1929

What the heck is this? Tumblr’s flagged and unflagged me as explicit 5 times in the past two hours? 

Edit: 21 times total overnight

Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona, July 24, 1903

Norah Baring drawn by

Howard Somerville, 1931 

The Tampa Times, Florida, October 15, 1928

Calgary Herald, Alberta, September 8, 1948

The Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, June 20, 1939

Ella Marten, Esme de Little, Doreen Hucklesby, Primrose Salt, and Lorna Marten, England, 1933

The Sketch, England, September 16, 1931

The Sketch, England, October 28, 1931

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1903

The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1932

Actress Peggy Wood in her Palace Theatre dressing room, 1932

The Herald-Press, St. Joseph, Michigan, April 23, 1930

The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, December 7, 1925

Clifford McBride in The Herald-Press, St. Joseph, Michigan, September 8, 1928

F. Scott and Scottie Fitzgerald in Rome, 1925

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