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Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Marlene Dietrich at the London premiere of his film Accused at the London Pavilion, 1936

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, February 20, 1949

The Los Angeles Times, California, October 23, 1916

The Baltimore Sun, Maryland, August 23, 1925

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Pennsylvania, October 15, 1939

Peter Newell’s Pictures and Rhymes, 1899

The Dayton Herald, Ohio, December 9, 1901

Nigel Patrick and Diana Churchill (daughter of Sir Winston Churchill) in Tony Draws a Horse, 1939

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, February 11, 1949

The Cincinnati Enquirer, Ohio, February 16, 1949

The Evening World, New York, April 5, 1906

Bright Young Things: Standing – Richard Wyndham as sculptor

Frank Dobson; Brian Howard as Everybody’s Mother; Elizabeth Ponsonby as Iris Tree; Cecil Beaton. Seated – the Hon. Stephen Tennant as Queen Marie of Romania; Georgia Sitwell, matching fake noses with Wyndham, as his model; Inez Holden; Harold Acton; and in front, Tallulah Bankhead as tennis star

Jean Borotra, 1927

Illustrations from

The Hole Book, Peter Newell, 1908

The Buffalo Enquirer, New York, March 3, 1920

Battle Creek Enquirer, Michigan, May 18, 1956

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