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English actress

Stephanie Bell, 1914

The Daily Utah Chronicle, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 11, 1958

The Miami News, Florida, November 28, 1923

Independence Daily Reporter, Kansas, January 8, 1906

Surrey Leader, British Columbia, March 10, 1949

Noneyadambiziness, Sir

The Nashville Graphic, North Carolina, May 21, 1925

The original nursery rhyme, if anyone was wondering what this was parodying:

Where are you going, my pretty maid?
I’m going a milking, sir, she said.
May I go with you, my pretty maid?
You’re kindly welcome, sir, she said.
What is your fortune, my pretty maid?
My face is my fortune, sir, she said.
Then I won’t marry you, my pretty maid.
Nobody asked you, sir, she said.

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