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In the Dug-Out, a night spot in Beirut with quotes from The Rubaiyat on the walls, 1960

The Kansas City Times, Missouri, October 31, 1961

The Kansas City Times, Missouri, October 31, 1961

Altoona Tribune, Pennsylvania, October 6, 1934

The Kansas City Times, Missouri, October 30, 1962

The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal, Nebraska, October 25, 1907

Photograph by Dorothy Will, Forth Bridge, Scotland, 1961

Ally Sloper’s Half Holiday, England, September 8, 1923

Actresses Kate Cutler and Violet Vanbrugh, England, 1912

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, New York, October 28, 1900

The Honolulu Advertiser, Hawaii, October 30, 1960

The News-Courant,

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas, July 31, 1902

The Illustrated Police News, August 28, 1873

The Gazette, Montreal, Quebec, October 23, 1934

Bill Fleming, four-year-old grandson of the Cental Park Menagerie’s keeper, Bill Snyder, taking lion cubs Bill, Lil and Edna for a sleigh ride, New York, 1918

Mary Pickford and friends in Scraps (1926)

The Smart Set magazine, October 1917

The Washington Times, Washington DC, October 28, 1906

The Winnipeg Tribune, Manitoba, October 18, 1910

Detroit Free Press, Michigan, October 31, 1928


Sioux Falls, South Dakota, October 28, 1943

The Illustrated Police News, May 24, 1890

News-Journal, Mansfield, Ohio, May 28, 1950

Mona Maris and Adelqui Migliar in

The Apache (1925)

The Illustrated Police News, December 10, 1874

The Illustrated Police News, October 28, 1876

The Smart Set magazine, October 1917

Illustration by

William G. Krieghoff in the Public Ledger, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 8, 1919

The Illustrated Police News, July 12, 1890

Her Bathing Suit Had Proven Too Small and Rotten.

Why Miss Dollie H., of Asbury Park, N.J., had to be wound in a fish net and carried in for repairs.

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