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Atlantic City, New Jersey (date unknown).

Reverse says: In memory of our engagement, ca. 1922

The Roanoke News, Weldon, North Carolina, August 12, 1909

What would you think of a woman who addressed a club meeting of men by telling them how charming, how well gowned, how pretty, they were?

disposable ‘hygienic telephone disc’ from The Bellevue-Stratford hotel in Pennsylvania, ca. 1906 

holiday in Abbazia, Austria-Hungary, ca. 1914

Grand Dutchess Olga of Russia postcard, ca. 1910

You know I love you, but you had better ask papa as I just cantaloupe [can’t elope] with you

a happy couple and friends in

Abbazia, ca. 1910

young woman with baby in coffin, circa 1905 

flappers in their
cloche hats

aboard the John Cadwalader, ca 1925

Romanian wedding cabinet card, ca. 1910

a little bit of roughhousing at a Minnesota Boat Club picnic, ca. 1890

Scottish post mortem portrait circa 1872

Widow in
Birkenhead, England circa 1861

 From Wikipedia’s April Fools’ day article: In Italy, France, and Belgium, children and adults traditionally tack
paper fishes on each other’s back as a trick and shout ‘April fish!’ in
their local languages (pesce d’aprile!, poisson d’avril!, and aprilvis!
in Italian, French, and Dutch, respectively). Such fish feature
prominently on many French late 19th to early 20th century April Fools’
Day postcards.

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