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Sick or well it will be wiser in the end to drink Kaffee HAG.

a policeman happened to see two huge feet protruding from the window

A startling story which will interest all who are short.

especially of the worthless hobo kind.

Did you ever see a man who looked like it? Do you want the baby to think that it is possible that there are such men?

Court is upset by white mouse in woman’s hat.

It is said Ferras accused Cravlah of taking his overcoat and Cravlah is said to have assaulted Ferras with a brick.

If baby could talk

He would say

“Take away that baby powder”

It is good for your health and certainly very refreshing.

Will not wet a lady’s hair. Put on like a collar.

for  Colds




Three Shades: White, Sunburn and Flesh Tinted

“For the Woman who Cares”

November 16th 1959 newspaper article describing the the Clutter family murders. The article is from the Kansas City Times, published the morning after their bodies were found. Their deaths and the following pursuit, capture and sentencing of their murderers formed the basis of Truman Capote’s 1966 non-fiction masterpiece In Cold Blood.

says he only wanted to get a couple of drinks

threatened to tickle her feet until she died


Letter received. I am agreeable to anything. You command and I obey.

                                                                   – WHISKERS

expert face specialist

which shall it be?

Expert Face Specialist


for remedying prominent ears, preventing disfigurement in after life

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