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look for the jap girl on every package

…that of whether an imbecile may be an automaton without a soul.

robbed the house of a loaf of bread, a pot of jam and $35 worth of jewelry 

This vacuum cleaner and carpet sweeper combined would be a delightful present for your wife

Would you believe they even pulled up my skirts to see my legs?

A salt cellar changes into a chinaman.


Major Winner and Mrs. Winner are bright little people and you will enjoy meeting them. Come and bring your children.

It shows its disapproval in a very spirited manner if anyone disturbs the baby’s slumber.


The new vaginal syringe.

injection and suction.

best – safest – most convenient.

It cleanses instantly.

…bitterly denounces the Circassian dancing boy Miassin for the scantiness of his garb and for the objectionable methods of dancing in which he indulges.

Taking his chin in his hands the man forced his jaws together, but his mouth would not stay shut.

a man who had nothing on but a vest and one sock clambered into the automobile

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