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Girls’ restaurant, National Cash Register Company, Ohio, 1902

note: founded in 1884, the National Cash Register Company (or, NCR) is still going strong – although they focus on point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners and ATM’s today. 

I also doubt they have separate eating facilities for ladies and gents today.

We can live without uncles, 

And cousins and aunts,

But civilized men cannot live without pants.

Cab stand at Madison Square, New York, ca. 1900

Lady – Here my poor fellow, this will warm you.”
Tramp – “T’anks, lady. May I ask you whose brand this is?”
Lady – “Why, it’s the “BELL” coffee. We never use any other.”
Tramp – “right you is, lady. ‘De club I belonged to onst used that and no other, and we were ‘high feeders,’ you bet!”
Note: he had seen better days

Unemployed receiving rations, New York, May 31, 1909

Society girls enjoying a speedy ride on the Potomac, 1919

Gane’s free shower baths. For horses only. New York, 1911

Jessie (standing) and Eleanor (sitting) Wilson, President Woodrow Wilson’s daughters, ca. 1912

Licking blocks of ice on a hot day, New York, 1912

Loop the Loop, Luna park, Coney Island, 1903

note: signs “Beware of Pickpockets” and “Strap Yourselves”

Charred bodies lie in an alley following a fire on Monroe St, NYC, 1913

New York Fire Department show off their engine, 1908

Firemen work to put out the fire that destroyed Dreamland Park, Coney Island, 1911

Debutantes who organized a revue at Keith’s theatre, Washington, with proceeds going Roxies relief fund for soldiers, 1924 

Lined up for the Bathing Beauty contest, 1920

Ladies keeping cool on the golf course, sitting on giant ice cubes, 1920

Dorothy Kelly, Virginia Hunter, Elaine Griggs, Hazel Brown and Mary
Kaminsky in bathing suits seated on two large blocks of ice, Washington,

Coaster Dips, ride at amusement park near Washington, D.C., 1909

Free wild animal show, Dreamland, Coney Island, ca. 1910

Aerial swing at Luna Park, Coney Island, 1910

Shoot the Chutes, Coney Island, 1910

Dead in the streets, Mexico City, ca. 1910

Peddling ices and “all hots” (hot dogs), New York, August 7, 1908

Italian street vendor, dried fruit and nuts, New York, 1908

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