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A Comick Book of Pets, Arnold Roth, 1976

The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, August 31, 1952

Audrey Hepburn, near Rome while filming War and Peace, photographed by Norman Parkinson, 1955

Wilson County Citizen, Fredonia, Kansas, September 1, 1908

A Gold Medal Book From Help Magazine, 1962

(The movie still is from

He Did and He Didn’t with Fatty Arbuckle & Mabel Normand, 1916)


Anything in the papers lamenting the death of the toothbrush mustache after you-know-who cribbed it?

It’s funny because the toothbrush mustache was considered pretty un-German around the time of WWI:

Evening Times-Republican, Marshalltown, Iowa, February 12, 1914:


The Post-Crescent, Appleton, Wisconsin, October 12, 1916:


A few more clippings on Hilter’s mustache:

Great Falls Tribune, Montana, March 27, 1933:


The Akron Beacon Journal, Ohio, April 6, 1933:


Wilmington News-Journal, Ohio, June 13, 1935:


The Leaf-Chronicle, Clarksville, Tennessee, March 9, 1933:


St. Cloud Times, Minnesota, June 13, 1941:


The San Francisco Examiner, California, February 14, 1933

Illustration from Good Night, written by Eleanor Gates and illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1907

The San Francisco Examiner, California, February 14, 1933

Johnny Crow’s Garden,

Leonard Leslie Brooke, 1903

The San Francisco Examiner, California, March 15, 1936

Wenda Parkinson with a 1907 Silver Ghost Rolls-Royce, photographed by husband Norman, 1950

Lupe Velez and Johnny Weissmuller at the West Side Tennis Club, 1938

The Times, Munster, Indiana, May 29, 1942

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