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“I had trouble with my wife’s relatives,” police quoted Carroll as explaining. “I thought they would see this in the paper and think she was dead, and that would keep them away from us.”

NO booze fighter or cigarette fiend need apply

“Down South” they serve quail cooked inside of yams

A paradox of 1915. A suffragist wearing a veil, the emblem of inferiority, which bears a plea for votes for women. 

She knows she is the weaker vessel, and that it is as such that she should receive honor; and, in this view, her weakness is an attraction, not a blemish.

If your lips are chapped, why not try ear wax?

Women who work come in close contact with many people. They should avoid all chance of embarrassment by keeping scrupulously clean.

Gents diamond Chinese mystery mermaid ring.

Bestows a kiss upon the olive or onion

CUBS CAGE ENMITIES – Being too young to know that they are supposed to be hereditary enemies, lion and tiger cubs at the San Francisco, Cal., zoo mingle playfully to pose for this unusual picture.

Richard Arlen is so absorbed in his conversation with Sally Eilers that he doesn’t notice that Skeets Gallagher is using his hand as an ashtray.

Fannie, the proud and happy Collie, poses with the fifteen survivors of a litter of sixteen to whom she gave birth near Tuscon, Arizona. Fannie and her unusual family are doing very nicely, thank you kindly.

Sure that the motorcyclist won’t let them down, members of the London Divisional Signals calmly form a hurdle as he “flys” his machine over them while preparing for the Royal Tournament at Olympia, London.

A 30-foot column of water shoots into the air deluging the auto which skidded across the street in Newton Centre, Mass., and sheared off a hydrant.

“It’s too early to sell beer,” the bar maid snapped.

“It wouldn’t do me much good to eat and not digest properly. So I smoke Camels for digestion’s sake.”

He has been denied German citizenship but will probably soon be in a position to grant citizenship himself.

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