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…bitterly denounces the Circassian dancing boy Miassin for the scantiness of his garb and for the objectionable methods of dancing in which he indulges.

Taking his chin in his hands the man forced his jaws together, but his mouth would not stay shut.

a man who had nothing on but a vest and one sock clambered into the automobile

birds, gold fish and sea shells make the best Christmas presents.

Modern woman is entitled to every possible comfort that science can offer her.

A telephone in the home saves the time, nerve force, and physical strength of the housewife.

To any needy mortal, who can’t afford to buy, we will mail a box free.

Cunning little pocket that wifie can’t find

She can see him, but he can’t see her

Free gold fish (and bowl!) from Butts, Inc.! Excellent.

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