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The Washington Times, Washington DC, June 9, 1907

Charlie Chaplin and Paulette Goddard in Modern Times, 1936

The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, April 13, 1938

Aleen Wetstein (Leslie) answers questions from Tyrone Power’s Popularity Test (which was featured in Hollywood magazine and quite popular at the time) on good sportsmanship.

Norma Shearer and Leslie Howard on the set of Romeo and Juliet, 1936

The Evening Review, East Liverpool, Ohio, August 22, 1950

Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 19, 1930

Journal and Courier, Lafayette, Indiana, November 30, 1921

The Oregon Daily Journal, Portland, Oregon, August 13, 1916

Lady Blanche Somerset (Countess of St Germans), the Marquess of Worcester, and Lady Diana Somerset in 1905 and 1920

The Signal, Santa Clarita, California, November 22, 1968



The Sketch, England, July 19, 1933

What, in this context, would be the expected type of suit?  I’m guessing it’s “one-piece suits are too revealing”, hence the humor of her wearing a more revealing two-piece suit, but what would the less-revealing two-piece suit be?

A two piece would traditionally be 1) “bloomers” or stockings and 2) a second piece which was a combination skirt and blouse, so a traditional two piece was more “modest”. By the 1920s, rubber soled bathing shoes that laced up halfway to the knee were out, but those were part of the earlier two piece. A one piece, basically a two piece but with no stockings, was considered pretty shocking at the time – so you can imagine how shocking the new two piece was!

The Times, Shreveport, Louisiana, May 11, 1922


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