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The Minneapolis Morning Tribune, Minnesota, September 7, 1942

The Pittsburgh Press, Pennsylvania, April 13, 1938

Aleen Wetstein (Leslie) answers questions from Tyrone Power’s Popularity Test (which was featured in Hollywood magazine April 1938 and quite popular at the time), called “The Hostess Takes the Cake”

The Inter Ocean, Chicago, Illinois, September 20, 1908

In the meantime the upper rooms of the dwelling are unoccupied, owing, perhaps, to the fact that the horses have not yet been trained to climb the stairs of the house.

what is this bbc article that ppl are talking about??

Here’s the article

From this post here, I posted it at 4:43 on Saturday, somebody found it here and then posted it on Twitter at 5:36. I guess after that, (at least) two people were arguing about which one of them found the picture first. And then the BBC and Gizmodo wrote articles about it, and credited the photo to one of those people on Twitter (the BBC did end up adding a link to here though!). 

I spend pretty much all my free time working on this blog, digging through archives to find stuff to post, so it was sort of a bummer.

But people who read this blog saw it and were like “is that from Yesterday’s Print?”, and that’s really all that matters to me! 

(Thank you again! I have the best followers.)



The Brattleboro Daily Reformer, Vermont, April 14, 1916

The Signal, Santa Clarita, California, September 3, 1969

The Signal, Santa Clarita, California, September 10, 1969

Saw two people yesterday arguing about the flashlight picture on twitter. Person one accused person two of stealing the picture from them. Person two swore that they found the picture on tumblr, and therefore didn’t steal it from anybody. Person one said that they also found the picture on tumblr, and posted it on twitter hours before person two, that’s why they deserved full credit. Neither of them seemed to even comprehend the possibility of giving credit to you. It was surreal.

The Newberry Weekly Herald, South Carolina, May 3, 1876


It’s kind of a bummer! But that’s the internet I guess. 

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