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Lady Susan de la Poer Beresford, age 23, Waterford, December 15, 1900

A tenement family works on powder puffs for 45 cents ($6.39 with inflation) per gross (a gross is 144). They attempt to do 9 gross a week ($57.53

today), NYC, December 1922

Doing crochet work on underwear on dirty underwear, NYC, August 1912

Medical student and a pal, Dublin, Ireland, 1901

Movember inspiration

Waterford, Ireland, November 3,1899

…Mrs. Andrew Tombes, a statuesque brunette, wife of the comedian of the show, walked on the stage during the first act and, pointing her finger at her husband, remarked in a voice that could be heard all over the theatre, “Ah, there you are, dearie.”

Boston, August 14, 1921

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