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Children help their mother with her piecework. She makes $2 – $2.50 a week ($48.21 – $60.27 a week today) while “father loafs”, NYC, 1912

Street gang, Springfield, Massachusetts, June 27, 1916

A girl entering a factory on West Broadway, NYC, Noon, February 1912

Notion peddlers, Boston, October 1909

Is a man who talks about another person in his sleep guilty of an offence punishable by law?

Brooklyn, New York, August 29. 1907

A woman carries a heavy bundle of clothing home to work on, NYC, 1912

Oklahoma, August 10, 1910

Every negro who appeared to vote was subjected to the educational test. From the total of 100 negro voters only three were permitted to vote.

A family making flowers for 6 cents ($1.45 today) a gross (a gross is 144). They make about 11 gross a day ($15.91 daily in today’s dollars) NYC, February 1912.

Cab stand at Madison Square, NYC, 1906

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