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Long have women been aware that they were slowly losing one of their chief charms, but they have carefully guarded this intelligence as a deep secret. Now the secret is out.

The Universal Bell Service is a boon to the invalid or “shut-in”.

…swallowed bottle of ink, half bottle of face lotion and a bottle of medicine after failure to kidnap child to win back husband’s love.

The thought of examination is abhorrent to them, and so they endure in silence the condition of disease which surely progresses from bad to worse.

Eel owned by W. H. Sherred performs tricks just like a trained seal.

Have you abused Nature’s laws by early abuse or later excesses? Do you suffer from night losses, drains in the urine or under excitement? Are you weak and nervous and unfitted for the pleasures and duties of life? If so, I will make a man of you.

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