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Tatiana and Alexei rest after digging in the garden at The Alexander Palace in 1917, note the guards in the background.

Tsarina Alexandra works on needlework while the rest of the family works the garden at The Alexander Palace, 1917.

His greatest preference is for doughnuts. He never gets enough of them. No matter when, day or night, he is ready to eat doughnuts.

Tenement district of Brockton, Mass. December, 1940

The traveler from the West who lands in town tonight too late or too tired to get a shave, will have to go unscraped tomorrow.

Marian reading  a book, ca. 1912

Mr. Francis Wilhelm
169 Maurus St.
St. Marys, Penna
Elk Co.
Hello Francis,
How is your heart now?  Hope better. Did you get my other card. Ans. soon.
From Marian

Shepherd with his horse and dog, Madison County, Montana. August, 1942.

Street corner, Brockton, Mass. January, 1941.

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