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And when you have won this precious man by tying yourself into hard knots and shutting down all your natural feelings and shutting off all your natural ideas – then what?

August 17, 1924

Bois Blanc Island Blockhouse, constructed in 1839, following it’s predecessors destruction during the Rebellions of 1837. The blockhouse (one of two still standing) has recently been restored. Photograph 1903.

The Beach, Gordon Park, Cleveland, Ohio, 1908

Bathing pool in the casino, St Augustine, Florida, 1897

Women and girls in Athens, Greece, are forbidden to wear skirts shorter than 12 inches from the ground. Women adopting men’s styles again.

“I don’t see why? Just look at father over there.”

December 6, 1925

Mother and father and three children, unable to sleep because of the heat wave that has enveloped New York, take refuge on the beach at Coney Island. Hundreds of tenement dwellers in many cities are unable to sleep because of the intense heat.

August 28, 1922

August 27, 1922

(Major Alexander Gardner, who was in the passenger seat of the Rolls Royce and died at the scene was a well-known WWI hero. 

 Four years later, William M. Wood, Sr., who had retired to Florida with his wife Ellen, would have his chauffeur drive him into the woods, walking out of the driver’s sight on a deserted road, where he would take out his pistol and take aim at the roof of his mouth, committing suicide at the age of 68.)

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