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NCO’s mess table during the Civil War, Bealeton, Virginia, November 1863

Beggar woman holding small child (and an empty Wrigley’s gum box) on Broadway, NYC. 1909

Bathing in beer, 1916

Note: the character here is Musty Suffer, from the eponymous short-lived comedic silent film series, shot between 1916 and 1917.

Free water for thirsty street cab horses, courtesy of the ASPCA, New York, July 1911

Free coffee in the Bowery mission for unemployed, January 2, 1908

Time was, no doubt, when this miserable old wreck had a home just as good as yours is today. His clothes were just as good, and he bought his own cigars.

“Oh,” you say, “but such a fate will never overtake me. I am too smart for that.” That is exactly what this old man used to say to himself, and you see where he is today.

Bertha Moller, left, and Bertha Arnold hold party banner which was held at the Senate Office Building, ca. 1917

Different Departments at the National Cash Register Company, Ohio, 1902

Top photo shows employee residences, second shows typical officers home.

note: founded in 1884, the National Cash Register Company (or, NCR) is still going strong – although they focus on point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners and ATM’s today.

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