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Quite the party! From the reverse:

Airport, 22 May 1918

My dear ones,
Thank you very much for the postcard from May 20.
my thoughts I was always with you during the recent holidays
(Pentecost), and with your dumpling pot which was out of use. May I
visit you tomorrow or the day after tomorrow for eight days? My leave
for this is on its way, will probably be granted. My job here is to do
nothing and to entertain the girls that come out to us and want to tour
the airport. I can tell you, interest is great, especially during the
holidays. If I can’t come to you, I’d need a female dance partner for
Saturday. How about Liesel? We’ll have a Pilots Amusement here.
If I
can, I will come because I need new laundry. Here you can’t get anything
from the uniform room. They’d rather take something away from you.
Best regards to you all from your Prettiest.
The postcard shows a little birthday party in our pub; in the middle is the landlady.

Note the man with the pot lid on his head!

Austrian officers making a night of it, ca. 1915

Boys and girls at Arlington beach, 1923

Lobby of the Fisher Building, Detroit, Michigan, 1942

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