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To Friedman, Strubing’s version sounded “as cockamamie … as you could get.” Spell’s recounting of events made slightly more sense to
him. Spell said that when he went to Strubing’s bedroom, his employer
agreed to the loan, saying, “You’ve been nice to me, Joseph, and you can
have anything I’ve got.” He replied that he “would like to be with
her,” and she walked over to her bed and turned down the cover. As Spell
undressed,  Strubing’s pet schnauzer started barking. Afraid that
Virgis Clark would wake up, the pair put on clothes and went downstairs
to the living room. There, Strubing took off her “rubber pantie girdle”
and lay down on the sofa with Spell, only to worry that people might see
them from the window. Spell suggested they go to the garage. Off went
the girdle again, and, in Spell’s words, they “had business” in the car. 

If the food administration would ask everybody to drink a cup of kerosene every day for breakfast, there aren’t many people who wouldn’t at least try it. We’ve all got a streak of the martyr in us.

14 years later (Sept. 29, 1952) John R. Cobb would lose his life racing at 206 miles an hour, trying to break the world’s water speed record at Loch Ness (the current water record is held at 511 km/h).

A glass of beer with your meal is much better for your health than a glass of ice water.

Don’t let slick-tongued strangers convince you otherwise.

Much unfounded bunk is peddled nowadays by misguided patriots – and others.

Etiquette is the French word for ticket and its present meaning in English arose from an old custom of distributing tickets, or etiquettes, upon which the ceremonies to be observed at any formal proceeding were set forth.

Many bitter cough syrups – which children hate so – contain DOPE (Chloroform, Ether, Morphine, Opium.) No question about it – it says so on the label.

Little Ajax, this Mexican jackass, opened the Bellevue-Yorkville safety campaign by picking his way through crowded streets, obeying traffic rules.

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