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Just step to your Bell Telephone, call up the doctor or druggist, state the case, and act on the advice which you receive.

The bread that’s protected against dirt and handling by a dainty waxed paper

Jurgens and four witnesses testified that he simply shoved Devaris along and told him to go home and put on some clothes.

…bread crumbs are the finest  cleansers for white paper.

An inexpensive tonic, and yet an effective one, is kerosene. Use a medicine dropper to apply the oil to the scalp twice a week.

Because her husband stole her jams, jellies and fruits from the pantry and gave them to his women friends, Mrs. May Bolton today began a suit for divorce against William Bolton on the ground of cruelty.

Bolton, she alleged, had a circle of friends of questionable reputation upon whom he bestowed pantry goods as well as his affections.

Among other acts of cruelty charged was that of being spanked with the broad side of a butcher knife.

Another grievance was that McKay would not buy her ice cream.

McDougall imagined that he had been turned into a steam engine.

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