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…others lick the paste off the street posters.

Though they are daughters of the Emperor and Empress of Japan, Princess Taka and Princess Taru nevertheless enjoy seeing wild animals, just as any other youngster would.

GETTING THE LOW-DOWN – At Vancouver, B.C., en route to the Oriental war zone to cover the war by radio and cable, Floyd Gibbons, famous glove trotter, reporter, and radio performer, gets some information on the Manchurian situation from a patriotic Chinese, who is returning to his homeland. The Chinese seems highly amused at the conversation.

Keep your bowels open during a cold. Only a doctor knows the importance of this. Trust a doctor to know best how it can be done.

I know it’s a real cross for you to bear and I must admit I’m a bit ashamed of my son.

OOOH, THE TERRIBLE TURK! – This gigantic figure was designed at Akron, O., for the use of a New York department store in a pre-Christmas parade. Guaranteed to make strong men quail, it took 14 men to hold the 25-foot figure, while on parade. It then was released to fly to Turkey, or elsewhere. Photo shows the Terrible Turk in the balloon room of the plant in Akron, being filled with 1,200 cubic feet of helium

MILLIONAIRE’S LATEST “FERRY” – The Monarch of Bermuda, seen at New York, is a new $8,000,000 “millionaire’s ferry” built at Glasgow, Scotland, for operation between New York and Bermuda. Every room has a bath.

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