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“MILLIONAIRE’S ROW” – This aerial view shoes the mile of Park avenue, New York, that is said to contain more millionaires than any other mile in the world. This part of the avenue begins at the New York Central building, in the upper right, through which the avenue runs. The tall structure with the two towers is the new Waldorf-Astoria, tallest hotel in the world.

BREYERS ice cream is NOT a luxury. It’s an economical food.

Brae, the kitten, looks as if she had been dining not wisely but too well the night before and, as is always the case, has come to mother for sympathy, a sentiment of which mothers usually have a large amount.

At night the red light on the avenue … will be lighted by pressing a button in the fire house and the patrolman on the upper avenue beat will answer the summons and get his orders.

Here he is, just home from school, and feasting like a young lord on CAPITAL BREAD and jam.

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