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…Said he, “let’s spoon a little.”

“All right, Lovekins,” said she.

Then  they learned they were not married at all – SHOCKING.

Settle into an easy chair – reach for your telephone. That distant friend is only a minute or two away.

…will wed after Quigley recovers from the poison girl’s mother is said to have given him for causing daughter’s shame.

A wedding cake is usual. To be perfect it should be made some weeks in advance, and if the bride’s mother be the one who makes it, it will attain perfection.

CHIP diamond and ruby rings left in lavatory of White House. Please return to office of same.

In fact, for motorcycle races to attain a speed of 112 miles an hour, thus surpassing the speed of the fastest racing cars and trains, is a feat never accomplished until attained by Fred Ludlow, shown in the photo.

Charlie thought he would take a dip, Mabel thought he wouldn’t – that’s all.

You’ve got his portrait in your pocket. Chief Two Guns White Calf, of the band of Blackfoot Indians from the Glacier National Park Reservation, Montana. He was the Indian who posed for the nickel. His band pitched their tepee on the roof of the Commodore while stopping in the “big city”.

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