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Don’t be deceived by the envious, who merely wish they had them.

Margaret Gorman with her greyhound, Long Goodie. April 14, 1925

Aviator John Moisant with his cat, Paree, perched on his shoulder in 1910. Moisant would die later this year in Louisiana while preparing for the Michelin Cup competition, when a gust of wind thrust him out of his monoplane.

Charles Evans Hughes with wife, 1922

W.F. Cassidy, from Forth Worth, Texas, receives a congratulatory kiss from his sweetheart Helen Fisher for his graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland, 1934.

A.C. Walker of Asheville, North Carolina, graduating from U.S. Naval Academy, has his epaulettes pinned on by his sweetheart. Maryland, 1929.

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