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He declared that the status of vitamines [sic] in yeast, orange juice and raw milk was subject to “considerable speculation and faddism” and urged that the association publish an authorized statement to the value, possibilities and limitations of vitamines [sic].

Deaf mutes complain that motion picture players say naughty words

A Finnish housewife buys a new broom every morning – a necessary extravagance, since she sweeps her whole house every day, and the broom she uses is just a bundle of fresh, green birch leaves, whose natural dampness licks up the dust.

After his arrest in Boston. Charles Ponzi, whose financial exploits startled the world for weeks, is still in jail.

With his radio earmuffs attached, the farmer can hear the game

“Bell the Cat”

The Chicago Humane Society has sent out a nationwide request for owners of cats to bell their pets so birds may be warned of their approach.

In 1928, John Blymire believed that he had been cursed by Nelson Rehmeyer, and broke into Rehmyer’s home to find Rehmyer’s ‘spell book’. He and his accomplices (who likewise felt victimized by Rehmeyer) were unable to find the book, but did find Rehmeyer himself, whom they killed and mutilated in hopes that this would lift the curse. The resulting trial drew substantial media attention.

                                                                – Wikipedia

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