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Mr. & Mrs. Luciano Mascia, January 13, 1925. Mr Mascia was an Italian diplomat, the first to represent Italy in the UN.

Reading room in a 10-cent boarding house, The Bowery, New York ca. 1900

Hotel de Gink, The Bowery, New York, ca. 1915

From Wikipedia:

 Although the organization used the name “hotel” and was even a member of the International Hotel Alliance, in practice it was more like a homeless shelter. Hotels De Gink were self-supporting, as residents contributed whatever money they could to support hotel operations. The Hotels provided a range of services, including food, barbering, tailoring, and primitive medical care. All services were provided by residents, who were expected to volunteer at the Hotel for at least two days per week in exchange for lodging. The facilities were self-governing, with a group of residents deciding which applicants to admit.

Residents slept on the floor on donated blankets. Local restaurants donated kitchen supplies and other businesses provided other large pieces of equipment necessary for daily operations. Upkeep and maintenance were provided by residents.

All suits sterilized, Coney Island, ca. 1900

Bowery hotel about midnight, New York, 1942

Selling Wrigley’s gum, The Bowery, New York, 1910

“The Old Original” a square meal for a nickel, The Bowery, NY ca. 1900

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