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Can be given in tea, coffee or food, thus absolutely and secretly curing the patient in a short time without his knowledge.

Solicitor angered because given milk instead of cream with his coffee.

On nearing the house club steps the police found a dummy sprinkled with catsup.

Any product which contains hog fat is subject to the taint or possibility or germs. Lard is made from hog fat – it may be pure and it may not.

A few weeks ago Mrs. Raspiller threw a beefsteak and boiling grease into the face of her husband when he complained that the steak was too rare.

Adolph says he’s been hypnotized so that he can’t talk when he wants to ask for a job

The actors were very much interested in assuring the success of the play, and throughout the whole evening had acted with unusual spirit. In the scene of the fight with which the play ended the young actor playing the role of the Spaniard was so seriously wounded by the blow from the dagger that he died in sight of the audience. The spectators, and even the associates of the actor in the play, were ignorant to what had happened.

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